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What in the World is Islam???

May the Peace and Blessings of God be upon you!

Thank you for visiting the Dawah section of DeenZone. If you have any questions about Islam, do contact me from the form below, and I will try my best to answer them. I am not a scholar, yet I am a Muslim that tries to learn this wast religion of Islam.

So, if you are wondering the following any of the following:

  • What in the World is Islam???
  • Why is there so and so Verse in the Quran?
  • How is Islam from “God”?

or… anything…

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Thanks for visiting the Dawah Zone of DeenZone. I am very happy to answer all your questions on Islam,

Peace be with you.


Note: I do not give fatwas, and do not speak of my own mind. I only get the information from trusted sources (not the Quran itself yet interpretations of the Quran) and speak of common knowledge of Islam that is shared by most Muslims. I never ever interpret the Quran myself, and I never ever say myself that a Hadith is Sahih except by the word of the Scholars of AhleSunnah ValJamah of the Hanafi, Maliki, Shaafi, and Hanbali branches of Sunni Islam, who’s Scholars I take the word of and who’s interpretation I take.